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film & television

To TiVo, or Not to TiVo: Mid-Season 06/07, part 1 by rick
Dreamgirls by david
The Departed by joseph
The Breakup by david
Silent Hill Loudly Sucked (my soul out of my body) by jeanette
Oscar Was Wrong by jeanette
Munich by craig
Brokeback Mountain by carrie
Michelle's Reasons Why Not by michelle
Harry Potter: Kind of Hot (Confessions of a Dirty Old Lady) by kari
The Chronicles of Narnia: the Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe by kirk (and clarashea)
The Artists, the Virus, and the Spectacular Failure by david
Syriana by craig
Walk the Line by craig
Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire by david
Goodnight, Constant Interpreter by david
To TiVo or Not to TiVo? (part 2) by david
To TiVo or Not to TiVo? (part 1) by david
Over There by dustin (guest writer)
Batman Begins: a Review by david
Star Wars: All Things Must End by jeanette
Star Wars, Episode III: Revenge of the Sith - a Review by david
Fever Pitch by david
the Return of the King: Extended Edition Review by david
Closer: a Review in the Key of F by nikki (guest writer)
the Incredibles by joseph
Anticipating Episode III by david
the Village: a Review by david
Farenheit 9/11: a Review by david
The Five Obstructions by michelle
Troy by david
Hellboy by david
Oscar 2004: David's Predictions by david
Bad Santa by michelle
Return of the King: 1000 Words by chris
Return of the King: an Orcish Perspective by rick
the Lord of the Rings: the Return of the King by david
the Rundown by michelle
Rebuttal: Charlie's Angels: Full Throttle by sara (guest writer)
Charlie's Angels: Full Throttle by thorin
10 Reasons Why I Still Love Jennifer Aniston by david
My Million Dollar Screenplay by rick
Joe (Half a) Millionaire by val (guest writer)
Review Haiku by david
We Were Soldiers and Love, Liza: Reviews by david
About Schmidt and Two Weeks Notice: Reviews by david
Lilo & Stich and Punch Drunk Love: Reviews by david
Far from Heaven and Blood Work: Reviews by david
Secretary and 8 Mile: Reviews by david
the Pianist and One Hour Photo: Reviews by david
Frida and Catch Me If You Can: Reviews by david
Spiderman and Confessions of a Dangerous Mind: Reviews by david
Chicago and About a Boy: Reviews by david
the Hours and Gangs of New York: Reviews by david
Adaptation and Max: Reviews by david
Peter Jackson is Having My Baby by chad
Lord of the Rings: the Two Towers by david
the Fellowship of the Ring - Extended Edition DVD Review (version 2) by athena
the Fellowship of the Ring - Extended Edition DVD Review by david
Sweet Home Alabama by jeremy
the Tuxedo by jeremy
Signs by jeremy
Star Wars: Attack of the Clones by david
Hollywood Ending by david
Lining Up for Glory by david
A Reply to "My Movie" by athena
My Movie by david
2 Reviews by david
Lord of the Rings: Fellowship of the Ring by david
My LOTR Diary by david
Gandalf the Gay by david
Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone by joseph
A Disturbing Trend by david
Jurassic Park III by david
A.I. by jeremy
3 Short Reviews by david & jeremy
Jackie Chan is the Prisoner by jeremy
the Fellowship of the Ring by david
Babylon 5 by david
Josie and the Pussycats by david
Joseph's Oscar Night Guide by joseph
Wesltley and Abagail's Oscar Picks by david
Oscar Odds by david
Snatch by chris
Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon by jeremy
Dungeons & Dragons by chris
Ally McBeal by david
American Pie by david
Anna and the King by david
Armageddon by chris
Bowfinger by david
Drop Dead Gorgeous by david
Election by joseph
Eyes Wide Shut by david
Millenium by david
Star Wars Episode I: the Phantom Menace by david
Pi by david
Pillow Book by Jeremy
Pirates of Silicon Valley by david
South Park: Bigger, Longer, Uncut by david
the Mummy by david
the World is Not Enough by david

politics & world

Iraq War, Congressional Math by david
Don't Call It a Surge by david
Holocaust & Other Myths by jeremy
The Liberty Experiment by joseph
The Most Meaningless Question by joseph
The Injustice Conspiracy by david
Why ANWR is Not the Answer by kirk
The Bush Doctrine is a Failure by david
Dear Mr. President by david
GWB: Revelation by david
The Iran Nuclear Folly by david
Ports in a Storm by david
Republic of Fear by david
Secularism Before Democracy by david
GWB: Rex Perpetuus by david
Should We Kill Tookie Williams? by david
Tookie Williams Deserves to Die by michelle
George W. Bush: Legacy by david
God's Tough Love by dustin (guest writer)
Unprepared by david
Who Would Jesus Assassinate? by david
GWB: Blameless by david
the Real Argument by jeremy
We Are Not Winning by david
Failing Upward by david
Going Nuclear by david
A Republican Empire by rick
She and GWB by david
Pope Clifford I by jeanette
State of the Union '05, a Response by david
(In)Sincere Condolences by jeanette
United States Burning by david
How? by athena
The Day After by david
This Fateful Night by david
My Conservative Dad: Election '04, Part 8 by david
My Conservative Dad: Election '04, Part 7 by david
My Conservative Dad: Election '04, Part 6 by david
My Conservative Dad: Election '04, Part 5 by david
My Conservative Dad: Election '04, Part 4 by david
GWB: Shame on Sudan by david
My Conservative Dad: Election '04, Part 3 by david
a Week With(out) Reagan by jeanette
My Republican Dad: Election '04, Part 2 by david
My Republican Dad: Election '04, Part 1 by david
Condi, Disrespect & the 9.11 Families by jeanette
David Has a Point -- But in This Case... by athena (with david)
Iraq: One year Later by craig
Spain, Terror and the War in Iraq by david
the Real L-Word by david
No Leg to Stand On by athena
Matrimonial Discrimination by david
Breaking Up with America by craig
GWB: Mission to Mars by david
I'm Gay, I'm Frustrated, and I Don't Wanna Get Used to It by athena
the Reagans: David Overreacts by jeremy
Conservative Things by michelle
We are Liars and a Traitors by david
Los Angeles: Strike City by david
CSP Mailbag: Left vs. Right by david
GWB: Mandate from God by david
Exporting God by jeremy
Santorum, In His Own Words from david
Triumph by david
March Madness by jeanette
Operation Eroding Freedom by rick
What Now? by david
War-Time Reading by david
Will It Never End? by athena
My Outrage by david
Someone's Got To Do It by athena
An Open Letter to LA Lakers Fans by david
Other Homeland Security Additions by david
Another Iraqi War by jeremy
One Year Gone by david
GWB: Cowboy by david
Bush Declares Gore Enemy Combatant by david
GWB Luvs God by david
Civil Liberties vs. War on Terror by david
A Geopolitical Primer by david
Osama, You No-Tipping Whore by chad
Biometric Scanning & Civil Rights, part 3 by joseph
Biometric Scanning & Civil Rights, part 2 by jeremy
Biometric Facial Scanning by david, jeremy, joseph & chad
Worst American Pride T-Shirt Slogans by david
Welcome to the World by jeremy
What Hasn't Changed in America by joseph
Responsibility & the War on Terrorism by jeremy
Bush Ups the Ante by david
A Measured Response by david
Nostradamus Nonsense by david
Disaster Preparedness by joseph
www.normarae.union by david
A Story of Courage by joseph
die, McVeigh, die by david
I'm Sorry, So Sorry by david
Kansas Curriculum Gems by david
A Message from the LA Tourism Bureau by david
Laying the Blame by jeremy

science & technology

Saving the Internet by david
Go Get Thy Name in Print by kirk
Dear Mac by carrie
Bleeping Beeping by joseph
Dungeons & Dragons Online: a Review by rick
Fortress Around Your Inbox by david
Everquest II: a Review by rick
Emailing Steve by michelle
A Fool and his Gmail... by michelle
the Temple of Elemental Evil: a Review by rick
Email Scams: Still Going Strong by jeremy
Giskard is Not Sexy by david
CSP Icons by david
iDate: A Brave New World by joseph
Spam: Get Over It by david
SmarterChild by david
Eulogy for eToys by david
Goodbye, Timmy by david
Ah, Infocom by david
Lord Hannible's Realms of Evil by david by david
the Onion by david
Third Voice and Internet Privacy by david

books & art

Inheriting Dust, part 12 by joseph
Super, Part 11 by david
Essentially, We All Agree by kirk
Inheriting Dust, part 11 by joseph
Inheriting Dust, part 10 by joseph
Super, Part 10 by david
The Long Summer - a CSP Mix by carrie, chad, chris, david, jeanette, joseph, kirk & michelle
A Year in Reading, So Far by carrie
Super, Part 9 by david
Super, Part 8 by david
From Venice & Elsewhere by kirk
Coming Up On Midlife by david
Revolutionary - a CSP Mix joseph, chad, kari, rick, michelle, carrie, david & kirk
Super, Part 7 by david
Super, Part 6 by david
Super, Part 5 by david
Live in Love - a CSP Mix by kari, david, michelle, kirk, nikki, carrie, chris, dr. m, joseph, thorin, chad & craig
Super, Part 4 by david
Danine, part 15 (finale) by joseph
Super, Part 3 by david
Happy Holidays - a CSP Mix by david, chris, joseph, kari, chad, michelle, dr. m, carrie & rick
Super, Part 2 by david
Danine, part 14 by joseph
Super, Part 1 by david
Danine, part 13 by joseph
Danine, part 12 by joseph
Danine, part 11 by joseph
Danine, part 10 by joseph
Danine, part 9 by joseph
Danine, part 8 by joseph
the Ultimates: a Review by david
Joe by david
Danine, part 7 by joseph
A Live Boy, Part X (Finale) by david
Danine, part 6 by joseph
We and GWB - Our First Book! by david
Danine, part 5 by joseph
Danine, part 4 by joseph
Danine, part 3 by joseph
We and GWB: Notes from the First Four Years - Intro by david
A Live Boy, Part IX by david
A Live Boy, Part VIII by david
Danine, part 2 by joseph
Danine, part 1 by joseph
A Live Boy, Part VII by david
Experiments in Grey, Volume 1 by david
Random Werewolf by david
An Ode to Minot, ND by david
A Live Boy, Part VI by david
A Live Boy, Part V by david
Akrotatos is Handsome by david
A Live Boy, Part IV by david
Experiments in Color, Volume 1 by david
A Live Boy, Part III by david
A Live Boy, Part II by david
the Feral Wolf Twins Go To the Country, chapt. 12 by eli
A Live Boy, Part I by david
the Feral Wolf Twins Go To the Country, chapt. 11 by eli
Quicksilver: a Review by david
the Feral Wolf Twins Go To the Country, chapt. 10 by eli
the Feral Wolf Twins Go To the Country, chapt. 9 by eli
Choose Your Own Adventure by michelle
Stay Sweet Stay Happy by david
the Man Behind the Curtain by david
My Last Four Months by david
G'bye Johnny by chad
the Feral Wolf Twins Go To the Country, chapt. 8 by eli
Pig Watching TV by Malia
Robin Tricked by Worm in Cowboy Disguise by Malia
Broadway Bound: Four Reviews by david
the Feral Wolf Twins Go To the Country, chapt. 7 by eli
the Feral Wolf Twins Go To the Country, chapt. 6 by eli
the Feral Wolf Twins Go To the Country, chapt. 5 by eli
the Feral Wolf Twins Go To the Country, chapt. 4 by eli
Justin Timberlake Responds by eli
the Feral Wolf Twins Go To the Country, chapt. 3 by eli
Point/Counterpoint: *NSYNC by david
Pains of Youth by david
the Feral Wolf Twins Go To the Country, chapt. 2 by eli
the Feral Wolf Twins Go To the Country, chapt. 1 by eli
Interview with J. H. Bandenbrach by eli
Inheriting Dust, part 9 by joseph
What Are We Reading? by david
Shannon Goes to the Grocery Store by david
Quinn: the Mighty, chapt.2 by chad
What Is It About String Cheese? by chris m.
Joseph's New CDs by joseph
Inheriting Dust, part 8 by joseph
Waiting for Steve Martin by rick
Inheriting Dust, part 7 by joseph
Inheriting Dust, part 6 by joseph
Inheriting Dust, part 5 by joseph
Quinn: the Mighty, chapt.1 by chad
A Memory by david
Inheriting Dust, part 4 by joseph
Inheriting Dust, part 3 by joseph
Inheriting Dust, part 2 by joseph
Inheriting Dust, part 1 by joseph
Movie Night at the Bowl by david
So Long and Thanks for... by david
I Could Write a Book by david
Pure Drivel by david
Saint Leibowitz and the Wild Horse Woman by david

life & other junk

CSP Brand Do-It-Yourself Legal Forms by joseph
NFL '06 Season Analysis, 4 of 4 by jeanette
NFL '06 Season Analysis, 3 of 4 by jeanette
NFL '06 Season Analysis, 2 of 4 by jeanette
NFL '06 Season Analysis, 1 of 4 by jeanette
Dude, I Totaly Can't Help It by michelle
Big Business Bathroom Secrets by craig
The Mysterious Case of the Writing on the Window by david
NFL Draft '06 Analysis, 5 of 5 by jeanette
NFL Draft '06 Analysis, 4 of 5 by jeanette
She Said There is Hope by kari
NFL Draft '06 Analysis, 3 of 5 by jeanette
NFL Draft '06 Analysis, 2 of 5 by jeanette
NFL Draft '06 Analysis, 1 of 5 by jeanette
A Big Fat Asterisk by jeanette
Target, the Stockings & the 81 Fish by kari
Traffic School: A New Approach by michelle
Verbal Poop by kirk
Motormortality by chad
An Anniversary by carrie
A Day of Kirk by kirk
Paint Gets in My Eyes by kari
Fanball-Heads: Addiction by kirk
Brokenhearted by david
Travelogue, Supposedly by carrie
RenFest: Where Theater Goes to Die by kari
the Plan by david
the Crack Whore and the Convicted Rapist: a Fable by michelle
Life_v1.1 05/05/05 by david
Don't Critique a Critic by jeanette
More Important Events by craig
Ask a Poop Priestess by michelle
the Poop Pagoda by michelle
Ten Things I Won't Be Doing on New Year's Eve by michelle
Not Everybody Does It, But Everybody Should by athena
Dear Lesbian: Introduction by athena
Christopher Reeve, an Actor by david
Three Men Who Want Me by michelle
Mothman: A Review Of "The Village: A Review" by eli
10 Ways to Reclaim Your Summer by michelle
Misadventures in the East by michelle
Mothman: A Tragic Love Story by eli
Troy: A review by a Mothman by eli
The Mothman and the Merman by eli
The HMS Pinafore: A Review by a Mothman by eli
So Long, Farewell, Auf Wiedersehen, Good Bye by michelle
Mothman: the Exposition by eli
Mothmen: A Solution by eli
the Subway Romance by craig
Welcome to NYC, Sucker by craig
Valentine's Gift Guide for Idiots and Other Men by michelle
Two Words for the Metrosexual by athena
I Was One Angry Dyke by athena
Life_v1.1 01/19/04 by david
GenCon 2003: Doggy Style by rick
2003: a Year in Review by michelle
Dinner Without Mom by david
Cube Dweller's Manifesto by michelle
Three Boys I'd Like to Do It With by michelle
CSP Mailbag: Athena's Last Word by athena
CSP Mailbag: RenFest Rancor by thorin
Fear the Ren Fair by thorin
Life_v1.1 04/21/03 by david
Life_v1.1 04/14/03 by david
Just Do It by joseph
My Girlfriends are Not Imaginary by athena
Snikt! by david
Life_v1.1 02/18/03 by david
Life_v1.1 02/03/03 by david
Explaining Life by joseph
New Year's Resolutions by joseph
Life_v1.1 010603 by david
Hard Candy X-Mas by david
Monsieur Gustave: Episode 2 by eli
Life_v1.1 12/09/02 by david
Your Feeble Boringness Cannot Destroy Me by eli
Sac-Town Rules by thorin
Monsieur Gustave: Episode 1 by eli
Monday, November 11 Haikus by david
Monkeydrives by joseph
I Think I'll Adopt a Kid by david
The Deathtrap's Pet by joseph
Life_v1.1 07/22/02 by david
My Animal Rape Dream Journal by athena
My Kick-Ass Weblog by david
Life_v1.1 06/17/02 by david
Life_v1.1 06/10/02 by david
Swiffing My Life Away by joseph
Yoda -- Out of the Closet by rick
Air Travel Woes by jeremy
Minneapolis by david
Funny Stuff Cartoon 7 by david
Funny Stuff Cartoon 6 by david
Funny Stuff Cartoon 5 by david
What's On My Desk by david
Funny Stuff Cartoon 4 by david
Investigating TP Alternatives by joseph
A Deathtrap Milestone by joseph
Funny Stuff Cartoon 3 by david
Gerbils are Our Friends by chad
Funny Stuff Cartoon 2 by david
Funny Stuff Cartoon 1 by david
Nudity and the Greatest Generation by joseph
Moving Day Tips by david
the Dismissal of Linus Erickson by joseph
D&D and Real Life by joseph
Living With Actors by david
SCUBA Diving by jeremy
a Weekend Trip to North Dakota by david
for Ma by david
CSP Mailbag by kirk
Not of Sight or Sound by david
Some Guidleines by david
Someone Set Up Us the Bomb by david
the Online Journal of Linus Erickson, part II by joseph
the Online Journal of Linus Erickson by joseph
the Wholly Functional Family Circus by david
Love Cockroach by david
Overrun by Gnomes by david
Car Safety by david
Star Wars and Web Site Management by david

the Band
Find out what started this crazy site. Listed in reverse order (oldest first) for clarity.

Who is CSATFCWB? by david
the CSATFCWB Story: foreword by joseph
the CSATFCWB Story: Chapt. 1 by joseph
the CSATFCWB Story: Chapt. 7 by joseph
the Lost Interview by joseph & david
Joseph's Resignation Letter by joseph & david
Fear the Lawn Gnomes Lyrics by david
Tour Poster by david
Boy-Nett Branches Out by chris & david
Fear the Lawn Gnomes Album Cover by david
Paparazzi Party I by chris
Paparazzi Party II by chris
from "Houndstooth Heaven" by joseph
Paparazzi Party III by chris
Paparazzi Party IV by chris
the Lost FTLG Song: Acme by joseph & david
Your Daughters: a CSP Album Review by joseph
Big J: the definitive interview by joseph
Dr. M: the definitive interview by joseph
A Very Schpecial Holiday by joseph

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