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About Clark Schpiell Productions

In 1998, it occurred to David Nett that it might be cool if he and his writer friends had a website where they could publish their short work, especially the fun stuff for which there was no (paid) market, but which was so much fun to write. At the time, only a relative handful of folks could even build a website, easy content-management systems did not exist, and the word "blog" was still years from even being coined. Still, David worked in the tech industry and was one of those magical people who knew his HTML from his FTP, so he decided to give it a shot.

The original Clark Schpiell Productions was a mock-fan site of the writers' high school satire-band, Clark Schpiell and the Furry Cockroaches Without Butts, and would be maintained and written by David and the band's other ex-members. Yeah -- we know. It was the beginnings of the internet age, okay? We were feeling out this new medium, okay?

Since that time, CSP has undergone several facelifts, and has moved from it's humble (read: lame-ass) roots to a full-featured online magazine, offering a broader range of humorous and serious essays, reviews and artwork, as well as an online store, with more features always in the works. CSP is now a creative clearing-house for its members, all of whom are extraordinarily multi-talented individuals, and is unique on the web for offering such a wide range of humor and non-humor content all in one package.

About the Staff

Thorin Alexander
Thorin's hippie mum named him after Thorin Oakenshield (the Dwarven leader in J.R.R. Tolkien's the Hobbit). The only thing that kept him from getting his ass kicked in high school is the fact he's seven feet tall. No shit -- seven feet tall. He's covered in tattoos, married to a Pilates instructor, and the proud father of a boy named Ivan.
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Carrie Boberg Portrait Carrie Boberg
She cooks! She bakes! She Knits! She acts! She produces and edits independent films! Carrie met David in the BFA acting program at the University of Minnesota in Duluth. She recently quit her soul-sucking day job to work full time as an independent filmmaker with her own production company, 4 Track Films. She also is enjoying being a newlywed, making various arts & crafts, hiking the beautiful North Shore of Lake Superior, attempting to grow vegetables in her garden writing on her blog and trying to keep up with her ever-growing queue of movies on Netflix & her excel organized reading list. She lives in Duluth with her fabulous & supportive husband Steve and their time-consuming felines, Beavis. They are expecting their first child in January.
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Craig Bridger Portrait Craig Bridger
Craig Bridger is a writer and an actor based in Brooklyn, New York. His freelance credits include The New York Times and The New York Observer. His first book, Surviving Groomzilla: A Bride's Guide, will be published by Citadel Press in 2008. Also, when he was in the 8th grade, his Christmas story Santa Claus? Who's He? took second place in a local competition and was published in an area newspaper. From that experience, he coined a professional motto: "Craig Bridger - Better Than Most 8th Graders." CSP will always be the first website to ever look at something Craig wrote and say "Sure, we'll publish this for no money." And for that, he'll always be grateful. He lives with his beautiful wife, Tara, and the world's coolest cat, Scout.
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Joseph G. Carson Portrait Joseph G. Carson
Joe was the original guitarist for the now legendary Clark Schpiell and the Furry Cockroaches without Butts, playing two chords in a four-chord song under the assumed name of Jason, which he has taken to be a metaphor for his existence (the two chords part, not the Jason part). He has contributed several long pieces to CSP, including the crime novels Danine and Inheriting Dust, the latter of which is still in progress. He has also written the occasional humor piece, movie review, and political essay.
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Eli Chartkoff
Eli is a writer/artist/animator/musician who met David during the LbP production of Jack Cracker, Viking Slave Detective, which he co-wrote. Eli has written several plays, his own internet radio series (Robot High School), Monsieur Gustave, and fronts the killer band the Monolators. It is important to note that his wife, Mary, is far more likable and talented than Eli, but she had better things to do with her time, so we settled for him.
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Malia Cole Portrait Malia Cole
Malia was first published at the age of 12, in The Minneapolis StarTribune. She has only a vague memory of the story itself, but clearly remembers her teacher rewarding her with a Hershey's Special Dark block bar. She is now mommy to Aislin and wife to Bryan. She spends her days as an arts marketer and spends her favorite evenings taking baby ballroom classes with Miss AZ.
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Jeremy Groce Portrait Jeremy Groce
Jeremy is largely responsible for the bizarre name "Clark Schpiell and the Furry Cockroaches Without Butts" for the mock rock band he and others founded in 1988 (if anyone recalls differently, he is willing to discuss the court). The rock is long gone, but the mock lives on with CSP. After spending most of his life in the Dakotas, Jeremy left North America for the first time in 1991 and has since visited or lived in almost 20 different countries. He is currently in Kenya where he runs a news and information shortwave radio station. He is married to planet Earth's most patient woman and has two beautiful daughters. Fatherhood has eaten up the remains of what little spare time Jeremy has, but he occasionally writes about political and travel topics.
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Dustin Hansen Portrait Dustin Hansen
Dustin has been a successful Washington Lobbyist for over thirty years. In 1982 he sold three of his houses in order to found the non-profit group Evangelicals for Vigilance, Integrity, and Liberty. He has served as ambassador to Uzbekistan (under Ronald Reagan), Chief Public Affairs Correspondent for Souls Anchored to Divinity TV, Senior Vice President of Christians United for our Nation's Takeback, and is the founder and CEO of Gun Owners for Dominionism. A frequent guest on many A.M. radio talk shows, his work has appeared in such prestigious publications as the Foundation for American Christian Education (, the Washington Times, the New York Post, and the Wall Street Journal.
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Kari Larson Portrait Kari Larson
Kari is one of the many on CSP to have fled North Dakota for greener (or, less frozen) pastures and now resides in Minneapolis with her daughter, Abbey and husband, Dustin. She spends her time working as a Design Editor for a community newspaper (read: suburban) chain, watching movies, maintaining her blog and stalking Trent Reznor (isn't a restraining order just a really official love letter?).
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Michelle Magoffin
copy editor, contributor
By day, Michelle is an upstanding businesswoman and new mom. By night, she saves the world from peevishness and botheration at the Peevery. In her spare time, she writes what she knows and tries to show, not tell.
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Christopher Martinsen
tech consultant, contributor
After college, Christopher got out of North Dakota so fast it left our heads spinning. He lives near Portland, and works as a SysAdmin for a tech company. He's got his BS in Chemistry from MSU. Though he was once the bespectackled, bookish Valedictorian of the DLBHS class of 1991, he's now a long-haired hippie who spends as much time at String Cheese (they're some kind of hippie band) concerts as he does in front of a computer.
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David Nett Portrait David Nett
webmaster, editor in chief, creative director, contributor
David is an actor, writer and producer in Los Angeles. He's the founder and editor-in-chief of CSP, and a founding producer of the acclaimed Lucid by Proxy theater company. Despite all this, he still has to hold down a day job in the dot-com world, where he does product and interaction design. His acting has been called "committed," "detailed," "fearless," "hilarious" and "heart-rending" by the LA Times and Backstage West. His writing has been called "articulate and commanding" and "eminently readable" by Flak Magazine. His tenth grade Geometry teacher said he "does not work well in groups."
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Chris Nett Portrait Chris Nett
web engineer, contributor
Chris decided to return and tough it out in the frozen tundra that is North Dakota, after a brief post-college stint in the Minneapolis dot-com scene. He's a network operations engineer (read: geek) for a regional telephone cooperative. He wants it noted that, standing next to him (but cropped-out) in his photo (left) is Joss Whedon. Joss Frickin' Whedon! Chris lives with his beatiful wife, Desiree, and their cats, Buttercup and Nemo, in excited anticipation of the arrival of his new baby and his new pre-fab house, both due October-ish.
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Rick Robinson
Rick grew up in the Pacific Northwest, and attended college near Los Angeles. He's recently moved south of the Orange Curtain, and is teetering on the brink of becoming a Republican. Fear that. After reading so many of his great screenplays and plays (and performing in a couple of the latter), David couldn't resist asking Rick to write for the site. Surprisingly, he said yes, and even sounded genuinely enthusiastic. Whoda thunk it?
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Kirk Roos
Kirk started off working as an actor in Los Angeles. In 2001, he moved back to North Dakota and started his own company, 40 Below Productions, which eventually became Communication Corps, Inc., producing a wide range of media projects. In the past 10 years Roos has produced about 100 commercial and video projects, working a great deal of work with non-profits with an emphasis on media management. Roos has also produced about a dozen original shows and helped develop numerous non-TV events. He's is nearly done with his latest project, a documentary on the subject of Kurdish-Refugee turned U.S. Diplomat, Herro Mustafa, American Herro. He lives in Fargo, ND with his wife, Bryn, and daughter, Clarashea.
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Jeanette Scherrer
Jeanette imagines herself to be the youngest and most attractive contributor to CSP. She is a writer/director/actor and is one of the founding members of Lucid by Proxy (along with David and Rick). She spends most of her time sitting at home alone talking to her cats, who lovingly ignore her in return.
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Chad Schnaible Portrait Chad Schnaible
Chad is a writer, director, finagler, prestidigitator, and amateur Lewis & Clark historian who hangs his hat in Sherman Oaks. He's the founder and editor-in-chief of CSP, and a founding producer of the acclaimed Lucid by Proxy theater company (oh, wait, that's David). When not presidigitating, Chad likes to play poker. Really likes to play poker. Seriously, anyone know the number to Gamblers Anonymous? Chad lives with his beautiful actress wife, who dragged him first to Missifrickinssippi, then to the Los Angeles area. He also rooms with three cats and a rabbit. That damn rabbit is always late with the rent. We need to have a house meeting.
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About Our Content

Oh -- one last thing: much of CSP's content is satire: if you see famous names, faces or logos, it is all in fun. Also, we have been known, at times, to work a little "blue," so if you are sensitive to slang terms for genetalia, four-letter words or midgets, consider yourself forewarned.

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